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Here you can convert m to km.

Convert Km to M

Because one kilometer is one thousand meters, in order to change km to m you have to multiply the distance in kilometer by 1000.

For example, 10 kilometers in meter: 10 × 1000 = 10,000 meters.

Km to M Formula

The km to m formula is: [m] = [km] × 1000.

Easier than applying the formula is using our m to m converter above. Do the math manually only in case you need a result with more than ten decimal digits, the precision of our calculator.

You may memorize our formula and the conversion by the fact that the metric prefix “kilo” always denotes one thousand.

In the next section you can find additional information helpful in the context of kilometer in meters, such as the spelling variants for example.

Km in Meters

Now that you know the most important things about how to convert km to m, you might also be interested in learning that the kilometer is a multiple of the meter: 1000 meters equal 1 km.

The meter is the fundamental unit to measure a length when a metric system such as the SI is used, defined as the distance light travels in a short period of time in vacuum condition.

The kilometer, in turn, is usually employed to indicate the distance between two places on land, as long as you are in a country which has adopted the metric system.

The official unit symbols are km and m, respectively. They are lowercase, except when capitalized in titles, as can been in this article.

Regarding the spelling of kilometers to meters: This is known as American spelling. The British English variant for meter is metre, and this also applies to multiples and submultiples.

Either way, the plural takes on the “s” ending. Throughout our site we mainly use the American spelling, the international spelling is only used for illustration purposes.

In the following part of this article we review the frequently asked questions in the context, for example, how many meters are in a kilometer? Keep reading.

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You have reached the concluding paragraph about the km to m conversion. We have written this article to help our visitors conducting the distance conversion from km to meters.

We summarize this page with the depiction below:

km to m

The points to remember are that kilometers are used to measure the distance between two terrestrial places, whereas the meter is the base unit of length in the metric systems.

And the kilometer is a multiple of the meter, the factor is 1000, as implied by the prefix “kilo”. This is how you may remember this conversion by heart.

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