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How many Meters in a Mile

In the International System of Units (SI), a meter is the fundamental unit of length; its unit symbol is m.

By international agreement in the year 1959, the mile has been defined as 1609.344 meters.

This is what is also known as International Mile.

To avoid ambiguity with the abbreviation for meter, mi is the symbol commonly used to denote miles.

Throughout our website we stick with American spelling of meter, but our visitors from the rest of the world are also right here when searching for metres to miles in the international spelling.

From the definition of mile follows that a miles comprises of 1609.344 meters.

In fractional notation, one mile is 25146/15625 kilometers. Thus, the meters to miles formula is:

[mi] = (15625/25146000) x [m][mi] = [m] / 1609.344

This answers how many meters in a mile.

In the next section you can find how to convert the distance, along with some examples.

Convert Meters to Miles

Using the formulas given above,

1 meter to miles is ~ 0.000621371192237333969617434184363 mi.

To convert m to miles, you multiply the coefficient by the amount of meters you have.

Assumed the distance you want to convert is 200 m: miles = 200/1609.344 = 0.12427 miles, rounded to 5 decimals.

Along the same lines, 1000 m to mi ~ 0.621371 mi.

Given that the unit conversion involves a multiplication with a non-terminating and non-repeating decimal, it is recommend you use our calculator in which you can locate a bit further down.

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Meters to Miles Calculator

Our meters to miles converter is straightforward.

Simply insert the length in meters using a decimal point in case you want to change a fraction.

Our tool then does the math automatically; hit the button only in case you want to swap the units.

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Frequent conversions in this category include, for example:

Next, in the concluding section of our article about how many meters in a mile, you can find some frequently asked question about the subject matter, the summary and links to further readings.

Meters to Miles Conversion

Here you can find additional information about the conversion.

The current definition of meter is: the distance light travels in a specific fraction of a second.

Besides this and how many meters in a mile other frequently asked question related to our article include, but are not limited to:

  • How many miles are in a meter? Answer: ~ 0.00062 mi
  • How many meters is a mile? Answer: 1609.344 meters
  • How many meter in a mile? Same as above
  • How many meters is in a mile? Same question
  • How much meters are in a mile? 15625/25146000 m

Before we sum our article up, we would like to emphasize that what’s been written in our article above is about the international mile.

The conversions for meter to nautical miles (nmi) and meters to US survey miles is a follows:

  • [nmi] = [m] / 1852
  • [survey mi] = (3937/6336000) x [m] ⇒ [survey mi] ~ 0.0006213699 x [m]


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